What interests me in my work is what I call the Between. The gray area.
The place that has yet to come into focus. Two people and the fraught place between.

Borders is another way to look at it. Illegal and legal. Blended and nuclear families. Nuclear, as in bomb. The border between my skin and yours. Civilized and wild. Herons, peacocks, raccoons, coyotes, pumas, sharks – wildlife walks in and out of my stories all the time.

The Carnivores Next Door is my linked collection. These eleven stories riff on power and predation as well as the search for connection. Dark and happily twisted, they range from sex games and polyamory, to a mom haunted by an affair with an animal tracker, to a furious teen who treats her family to a revenge stunt straight out of a Grimm's fairy tale.

And at night, heard but rarely seen, a mountain lion walks in and out of the stories seeking a mate in L.A., a city that's always only one street away from the wild.